Bunkermuseum Hanstholm

The biggest bunker museum in Denmark

Visit Bunkermuseum Hanstholm to see the largest Second World War fortifications in northern Europe for yourself. The museum complex features Hanstholm’s remarkable 3,000 m2 museum bunker, where several of the rooms have been returned to their original appearance to give an idea of how the soldiers lived and carried out their duties. The bunker also houses a range of fascinating special exhibitions.

The documentationcenter om top of the bunker is home to the exhibition entitled “Enemy & Neighbour – Hanstholm Occupied!”, which focuses on life in and around the most heavily built Second World War fortifications in Denmark.

The battery was built in 1941 to operate in tandem with a corresponding installation near Kristiansand in Norway and prevent the British fleet from entering Skagerrak – the stretch of water between Denmark and Norway. The battery consisted of four giant 38 cm guns, whose barrels each weighed 110 tonnes, with a maximum range of 55 km – i.e. almost half the distance to Norway.

The old ammunition train runs through some of the large bunkers within the battery every day during the summer.


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