The “Energimuseet” is an exciting combination of museum and science centre.

Whether you are tactile, curious, nerdy or nostalgic, the Energy Museum offers a wealth of experience for all the family in scenic surroundings near Tangeværket Dam, Gudenåen and Tange Lake. Set aside a whole day to explore this extensive area. Visit Denmark’s largest hydro power station. Take a retro walk through three historic houses. Experience the Ørstedloftet science centre with its exciting experiments and the Bohr Tower with its lightning show. Try wind power and alternative energy. A visit to the Energy Museum is a historical journey focusing on energy: movement, food, play, learning, nature, culture, history and future – for all the family!


Find us

Energimuseet, Bjerringbrovej 44, Tange, 8850 Bjerringbro, Tlf. +45 86 68 42 11