Holstebro Museum

The museums are located in the middle of Holstebro. Art, cultural history, café and a shop all under one roof. We’ve got something for everyone.

At Holstebro Museum, you can learn more about West Jutland. You will be put on a time journey from when people first planted their feet in the area, meet the traveling Vikings and 17th century rich merchants to end up in today’s industrial society.

There were also children in the past, come with little orphan Anne to Holland and meet Viggo, who is apprenticed at the city’s printing plant.

There are iron and men in Holstebro. There always has been. Meet the skilled inventors and businessmen in the exhibition ‘IronMen’. Today, goods are still being found in Holstebro, and you can see how in the exhibition.

We welcome you and your family in our exhibitions!