Struer Museum

The museum of Struer is established in “Torngaard”, the oldest building in the town. “Torngaard” has been used as a copyhold farm, a merchant’s house and a vicarage.

In 1930 the buildings were converted into a museum and today Struer Museum is an approved museum for the history of Struer and Thyholm.

The attractions in the museum include:

  • The importance of the Limfjord for the development of the area
  • The importance of Struer as a railroad center.
  • The Buchholtz House and the story of the spirit of authors
  • The Limfjord on canvas: A unique collection of landscape paintings from the western section of the Limfjord.
  • The B&O section: Experience the history of a West Jutland business adventure, which has made B&O to an international succes. Follow the development of the world-famous design icons. Relive the history of radio and television, and experience how these medias have changed our daily lives.