Hjerl Hede

Hjerl Hede Open-Air Museum

Hjerl Hede creates experiences for the whole family and brings history to life through reenactments in both summer and winter.

Horse-drawn Carriage and Steam Train
Here, you get close to life as it was lived from the 17th to the 19th century. During high season, you can also take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage or with the old steam locomotive.

The animals are the permanent residents of Hjerl Hede, and our cows, horses, pigs, and goats all belong to historical breeds.

Craftsmanship and Workshops
At the open-air museum we focus on old, traditional crafts, demonstrated in the museum’s workshops.

Come and visit the dairy, the blacksmith shop, or the old sawmill. In the summer, both kids and adults can try out various crafts and even go home with an apprentice certificate.

Hjerl Hede for Children
There are activities for children and their families most of the year, and you can buy food and drinks at Restaurant Skyttegaarden.

You can also bring your own food. At the large playground, you can eat your packed lunch at the covered tables and benches while the children play.

Children under 18 years old enter for free. Dogs on a leash also have free admission.

Events 2024:

Easter: 28-31 March 2024

Modern Hands Festival: 9-11 May 2024

LEGO Days: 18-20 May 2024

Veteran Tractors: 8 June 2024

Summer Reenactments: 29 June – 11 August 2024

Hjerl Hede Nature Run: 17 August 2024

Days with Horses: 24-25 August 2024

Old Vintage Trucks: 31 August 2024

Grow and taste the food: 14-15 September 2024

Autumn Holiday: 12-20 October 2024

Christmas Market and Reenactments: 30 November-1 December 2024

Christmas Market and Reenactments: 7-8 December 2024

Christmas Market and Reenactments 14-15 December 2024