Mønsted Kalkgruber

The world’s largest limestone mine. An endless maze of galleries with caves as large as cathedrals and narrow paths where an adult man cannot walk upright.

Visit the world’s biggest limestone mines and experience the gorgeous and magnificent underground world.

In an endless labyrinth of mine shafts, you find passages as large as cathedrals and small caverns. A world of experiences, teaching you about geology, bats and impressive work done by hand.

Go exploring in the illuminated passages among babbling brooks and underground lakes. Bring your flashlight on an adventure in the old, dark and narrow mine passages. In the lime works and in the former foreman’s residence, you can see the old stoves used to bake the limestone, learn about life as a limestone miner and explore the life of the bats. There are experiences for everyone regardless of age and physical condition.

From 15 May up to and including 15 August, the mine train will run, bringing guests past mounds of limestone from the previous open mouth, into the mines where it winds between limestone pillars and ends at the mine cinema.

Café Kridthuset serves delicious lunch and sweets. You are also welcome to bring your lunch box and enjoy in the beautiful EU-protected Natura 2000 area that surrounds the Mønsted Limestone Mines.

In 2019, the Mønsted Limestone Mines won a European nature award as recognition for its many beautiful, disabled-accessible paths.