Give the whole family a fun, exciting, and educational experience at Økolariet
Explore one of Denmark’s most exciting knowledge and experience centers about the planet, climate, and sustainability. At Økolariet, you can meet the rats in the sewer, get flushed down the toilet, step into a brain, take a walk on the seabed, experience life in the sunken fishing cutter, and much more.

Knowledge that amusingly makes you wiser
Let yourself be carried away by the many exhibitions and be inspired on how we together can take care of our planet for the benefit of ourselves and future generations. See, hear, smell, taste, touch, try, and feel your way to exciting knowledge about a sustainable world at Økolariet.

New in the 2024 season

Explore a sunken fishing cutter

As something new in the 2024 season, you can explore the sunken fishing cutter Bodil in the Fjord and Sea exhibition. Here, you can experience life and death in the fjord and dive into the wonderful world of gobies and algae. Hear the sound of porpoises and learn more about life on the reef. An old sunken ship acts like a stone reef, teeming with life. In the ship’s rear compartment awaits an adventurous experience. Here, you will be bathed in the light of bioluminescence – and maybe you’ll feel like taking a selfie. Look forward to an exciting exhibition beneath the surface.

Tiny House

Come and see what an 18 m2 Tiny House looks like. A new trend is spreading where families choose to live small, also called simply living. Living small is sustainable in terms of minimal electricity and material usage. Take a tour of the house and see its many clever features.

Økolariet is located in the middle of Vejle, right across from the train station.

Økolariet is free to visit, and everyone is welcome.